MFTI – the leader company in mass production of microwires

Since the foundation in 2002, MFTI is working on production of glass coated microwires.

Since then the quality of production process of microwires and their properties is continuously improved.

MFTI leads many studies on the microwire’s properties and new areas for microwires application. 

Glass coated microwires, obtained by Ulitovski-Taylor method, combine many properties, which can’t be obtained in other materials. 


Quality – We believe in providing customers high quality solutions at attractive pricing. We are constantly innovating and improving our methods to maintain this core value, adapting to fluctuations in the market and new opportunities provided by technology.

Service – We believe in providing best in class service to our customers and adopting a sharing, learning and creative mindset with our employees and partners. 

Partnership – We strive to build strategic partnerships with equipment manufacturers, customers and R&D centers. Working together allows us to provide our customers with better service and products.