"Microfir Tehnologii Industriale Ltd” (Micro-Fiber Technologies & Industries), a R&D and production company, was established in 2002. We accumulated the vast experience and knowledge of over 40 years of research, development, production and multiple applications of glass-coated microwires.

The widest spectrum of unique physical properties that is demonstrated by microwires produced from various metals and alloys in different glass coatings, was the base for multi-profile activities of our company. MFTI’s team of engineers and technology experts is permanently working both on improving the production and on developing new technologies and applications where our microwires are the key functional elements.

Main types of our company activities are:

-Industrial production of microwires for:

  • systems for identification and protection of merchandise against fraud;
  • magnetic field sensors based on GMI effect;
  • sensors of deformation and movement;
  • gas analyzers;
  • HF radiation absorbing materials.

-Development and manufacturing of the equipment for microwire production, including machines for microwire casting .

-Development of technological equipment for monitoring microwire quality and rewinding.